What exactly does an online marketer do?

Search EngineCategory: MarketingWhat exactly does an online marketer do?
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VOOFAVOOFA Staff answered 1 year ago

An Online Marketer or Digital Marketer helps businesses to grow their sales online by implementing techniques that drives qualified customer traffic to their business web portals such as websites, social media pages, ecommerce or landing page. Online marketer do extensive research to create a strategy to promote a message, product or service online. They are responsible to look after your overall online initiative and evaluating from time to time if the goals are met on time and under budget. When hiring an Online Marketer, make sure that he/she is proficient in the art of selling, persuasion and is able to create engaging content or on the very least understands sales.

Hiring a web guy does not mean hiring a digital strategist. For example: a web developer knows only so much about web designing but an Online Marketer understands all aspect of marketing including branding, web design, seo, social media marketing, video production, paid ads, media buying, public relations and more. It can be concluded that hiring an Online Marketer is way better than hiring a web guy or any person who has limited knowledge of one specific component of marketing.